I’m experimenting with publishing poetry on Sunyshore because I think it’s a fun and promising way to convey my ideas that few other effective altruist writers are doing. This is a poem that I composed in spring 2018 for a creative writing class.In the tallest part of the eastern…
Hello. Due to recent events in my personal life, I need to take some measures to protect my privacy. I’ve changed my username and unpublished one of my…
Capitalism got us into the climate crisis, and it can get us out too
Also, I have an Instagram!
The wrong way to solve the climate crisis
Everything you didn’t want to know about the people who unironically call themselves neoliberals (myself included) 🌐🥑
Why you should care about the future of humanity, no matter your moral beliefs
A summary and response to “The Dangers of Surveillance” by Neil M. Richards
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