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Thanks for sharing this! I didn't know such a community had formed, and with that name. I can relate to everything you described, with few changes. Browsing the subreddit now, too. 👍

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I found this interesting and so I've joined the subreddit - I'm not sure if I'd describe myself as "neoliberal", but I agree with the movement as described, although I think I'd place more emphasis on the social welfare side of things and describe myself as a Social Democrat - the National Health Service fills me with patriotic pride, and I really love the policies (and fjords) of Norway.

I'm still working out my opinions on issues like drug policy, but I'm becoming more sympathetic to the argument that just because I think something's a bad idea doesn't mean it's a good idea to ban it, so I think I'm becoming more neoliberal over time.

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i'm a recovering reluctant political activist and even 'organizer' (mostly on the 'anarchist' side of things) but i reverted to my natural mode of 'theory'. theoreticians don't do anything except sometimes write--but i've given that up as well mostly. i have put my classic collection of books and papers in a nearby library for those who like reading---its on a conveniant planet just beyond mars.

i see neoliberalism as i describe it--overlaps a bit with your definition ---as midway between

anarcho-communism/post--technocracy/mutualism of people like proudhon, bakunin, kropotkin and maybe bookchin, and 'plato's republic' (beneficient dictator').

i didnt notice 'environment' or nature mentioned . your neoliberal shills include matt y of vox. he wants 1 billion americans. i'm ok with that so long as they all stay in his house-he could use 700 million servants. just stay off my grass and out of my forests.

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